Last Thursday, October 26, 2017, the event “Everything you always wanted to know for an organization and you never dared to ask” was held at the Cinemex facilities in Plaza Metrópoli in Mexico City, organized by the Network of Business Associations and Foundations and their ally, Terraética.

One hundred participants from more than 50 civil society organizations participated in the event in which they were trained in topics such as Theory of Change, Modeling Social Programs to maximize impact, digital marketing and financial evaluation for more than six hours the forum lasted .

Roberto Carvallo Escobar, director of Terraética and co-founder of Ideal Social, was the master of ceremonies, also presenting organizations such as the Museum of Memory and Tolerance, who invited all participants to join the MAS network, while the Pro Bono Mexican Center extended an invitation to all participants to receive legal support free of charge.

The event began at 10 in the morning with the presentation of the director of the Network of Business Associations and Foundations, Jéssica Pons, where the benefits of being part of the Network and its requirements were discussed.

The company Terraética / Ideal Social, began its participation in the event by developing a theory of change to give way to the importance of generating indicators and a global vision in any social program. “A real pride to be able to support organizations that struggle and dedicate their lives to make the world a better place” said Roberto Carvallo after leaving the event.

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