In any project that tries to change the rules of the world, the word innovation is heard. This concept serves as a guarantee to ensure that what is wanted to be done is not only different but that there is no turning back on how reality is understood. Innovation is known as one of the most important engines for generating systemic changes and it is spoken of in hundreds of books published year after year, but it is also true that reaching innovative processes is really difficult and unique. Why does this happen?

We can all be agents of change and therefore, we can all be innovators. What is required to be? It is said that in any innovation, 10% is how different and novel the idea is but the remaining 90% must come from the resilience and persistence of the innovator, the agent of change. While we can all change our reality with brilliant ideas, it is only those who are willing to carry out their idea, to change it, to adjust it, to validate it, to renew it and even to discard it those who will be the architects of social transformations.

To achieve an innovation is to be able to say: there is no turning back. That means that that invention has managed to incorporate itself into the world in such a way that it is not possible to imagine it without this invention. Any everyday device was an innovation at some time. For this we tell you 3 rules that can help you to make your idea become an innovation and finally, a reality for future generations.

There is no unique combination of elements

Each innovation process is different. While there are rules that help facilitate the process, there are also unique conditions that make the process different. Innovation in Mexico is not the same as in Sri Lanka or Australia. It is not the same to innovate today as it was 5 years ago. However, it was a series of factors that were combined in each process that led to the innovation. Learn from other innovation processes but also listen to your environment and your moment.

Innovation depends on the effect, not the size

The innovation can be as big as the internet is and as small as a screw. Everything depends on the effect it generates, not on its size. It may also be the case that innovation for one country is a thing of the past for another. Do not just look at the dimension of the cause, but focus on the scope of the effect.

Innovation is accompanied by other innovations

There is no innovation that appears alone in this universe. Each one was a concatenation of innovations, which contributed to make the final result look so great. There could not have been any remote control in the absence of a television, which could not exist without an electrical network. Think of all the innovations that accompanied processes like WhatsApp, Spotify and others.


Original text can be found in Ashoka and in Resiliente Magazine