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Terraética is the first company in Mexico dedicated to promoting natural conservation, social impact and sustainability of productive projects, companies and non-profit organizations through financial innovation, blended finance, democratization of knowledge and research for the mitigation of climate change


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Boutique service specialized in making profitability sustainable, impact and conservation through financial architectures, business development and risk assessment.

  • We are pioneers in Blending finance in the world
  • With more than 50 years of experience in the financial sector, our consultants have evaluated more than 2000 productive projects
  • We have generated cutting-edge methodologies to convert intangibles into financial indicators (profitability) in a successful way
  • We are precursors of the MonteCarlo risk analysis in Mexico
  • We specialize in creating indicators and measuring the impact of environmental and social intangibles, generating tailored suits according to the specific needs of the client


Program aimed at training and democratizing advanced instruments in the financial sector, fundraising, market and marketing analysis and institutional development.

  • We offer more than 30 conferences and workshops per year to more than 200 organizations and companies
  • We have over 40 years of academic experience and continuous training in ITAM, IPN, ITESM, UACH, COLPOS and UVM
  • We have generated one of the most important organizations strengthening programs in Mexico and every day, we incorporate more elements making it one of the most complex and innovative
  • The topics of interest are updated following the market and innovation trends
  • We have classrooms and auditoriums for training throughout the country as well as on-site training


The first research center for sustainability, conservation and social development in Mexico based on the model of European knowledge transfer in order to generate, validate and disseminate knowledge in order to generate changes in public policy.

  • All of our consultants have a Master's Degree and most have a Doctorate in Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Philosophy, Finance and Marketing
  • Drivers of financial architecture innovation for impact through trusts and investment funds
  • We have carried out two major precursors of blending finance in productive models that have changed the way of understanding financing
  • We are precursors of the agroparks in Mexico and the clusters of value chains based on models from the cradle to cradle and social enterprises